20 nov. 2012

Monsters & Candies

Hello, how are you?
I've not written for a long time but I'm busy, very busy.
You probably also with preparations for Thanksgiving.
Many designers offer their kit for Christmas,
and I come up with the penultimate kit from my collection "Bewitched's friends" lol.
So I present Monsters & Candies, my new kit!
Ideal for your Trick or Treats expedition

                                  Monsters & Candies 

(All kits are available my shop
and now :

Monsters & Candies
and now: news of my Creative Team.
I will announce the names of my designers Sunday, December 2nd!
so be attentive!
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy !

2 nov. 2012

Blog Hop MouseScrappers and a New Kit !

Hi company !
I hope you had a Happy Halloween with a thought for our American friends who have suffered the passage of Sandy.
Here is the new design MouseScrappers Challenge, it's a challenge theme : Villains.
We could choose our Favorite villain : I chose Frollo. Not because it's the one I prefer but because I love the movie : The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

So here is the mega collab MouseScrappers of sale on the site as usual.

Here is my participation (for sale in my shop too) .....

Great first kit I participate in the Challenge of the Month : so for the month of November I created a kit that I offer on the forum for members MouseScrappers. If you are not a member, the kit "The Bohemian Girl" is also for sale in my shop.

and now if you are only there for the freebie, there it is!

The link : HERE

You come from  Saar : http://saaronline.blogspot.com/
Your next stop is : http://mayo-designs.blogspot.com/

Happy Scrapping and happy DSD

27 oct. 2012

Halloween Cupcake and Spooky Ghosts

Halloween is around the corner !

This is the time to make cupcakes , this is the second kit in my collection: "make your cupcakes".

100% calorie-free :)))))

Make your Halloween Cupcake

and our new friends for our Bewitched :

Spooky Ghosts :

19 oct. 2012

Squeletor and Bloody Devil

Two New friends today !

I like devils and skeletons, but those they are nice.

They will just a touch of horror on your favorite pages :)

Visit my shop here 

Made beautiful pages and enjoy !

17 oct. 2012

Sneak Peak Coming Friday 19th

This Friday : Two New kits !

Enjoy and don't miss the CT Call ;)  !

15 oct. 2012


Is today ! 

I want a Creative Team , so please read the following :

Next month ( November) on MouseScrappers  i participate on the challenge kit ( my username is Omaha ;) )
so if you want to use one of my kits you can register on the forum and download my kit (available November 1st).
But it 's not an obligation to participate in my CT Call.

Bye bye and i await your submissions ;)

Enjoy !

13 oct. 2012

Bewitched 's friends and newsletter

Hello :)

As I said last week: there is great news!

Firstly I created a newsletter, you will find the link on my blog (right) and on my Facebook page.

Secondly Bewitched two new friends!

Bat Boy and Black Cat, two little friendly goods that will help you create beautiful pages.

For sale on my SHOP

And soon ma Creative Team Call !!!

Have a great day and enjoy !!!

5 oct. 2012

News by Mary Cup of Tea !!!

Hello :)   Next week ?

Great news!

Firstly it's my birthday , ah ah ah ! 

And what I would like to receive? a Creative Team  Yes!

Return the week for more information ;)

Secondly, in my collection Halloween  : a new mini kit!


Thirdly : i made a newsletter!

So next week for all the news!

Have a great day and see you soon ...


Bewitched and New Design Challenge on MouseScrappers

Hello , yes i know ....

I'm not a good blogger. My new job takes a lot of time. But during the month of October there will be lots of news!

So come regularly on the blog to see the news!

In the meantime here is the new Design Challenge MouseScrappers

Here's the Big preview Kit for sale on the shop MS

Here is my part : Spider's House

also for sale in MY SHOP

and NOW .. my new kit : Bewitched !

on my shop  HERE

 and if you are here for the blog hop, here is the freebie you expect

You come from CINDYRELLY :  http://cindyrelly.blogspot.com/

And here is the Stop ! :   Download  Here

I have not had time to create pages but they will come;)

And see you next week for a new kit!

This weekend I'm going to Disneyland Paris, it's Halloween!

Have a great day and Enjoy !

7 sept. 2012

Indian Summer , Design Challenge on MouseScrappers and Blog hop

Ok, I'm a little late.
Since Monday I have a new full-time job, very interresting and very tiring (new software, new procedures ...)
but as usual I created a kit for MouseScrappers Design Challenge # 5.

My participation :

And finally my new kit : INDIAN SUMMER !

 On my shop 5$ Here 
and the alpha : 

2$ on my shop : Here 

My page : 

Disneyland Paris 1995
Credits : Template : Cindy Schneider

and now my freebie :))

You come from : mjajmom : http://mjajdesigns.blogspot.com/ 
and your next stop is : 

My download : Here

Enjoy ! and Happy Scrap

3 août 2012

Yeah Ah ! New kit on Sale

Hi !

Voici mon nouveau kit et j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à le concevoir parceque j 'adore l'ambiance Far West !

Mon "Land " préféré lorsque je vais à Disneyland Paris , c'est Frontierland , pour l'atmosphère, les décors, la beauté de la nature ...  et ce que j'adore aussi c'est le Buffalo Bill Wild West Show au Disney Village , j'y suis déjà allée 7x et je n'ai jamais été dans l'équipe gagnante ! Mais je ne désespère pas! :)))))

En vente ON MY SHOP : here

et comme d'habitude voici la /les pages réalisées avec mon nouveau kit :

Template by Cindy Schneider.

Une nouvelle page est en cours de création ;) 

En attendant Enjoy !

Design Challenge 4 on MouseScrappers + Blog Train

Hell , It's time for a blog train ! Yeah Aaaaaaah !!!!

First  the new Kit Design Challenge on MouseScrappers Shop : 3$

My contribution :

and now my freebie !

You come from :   http://romajoscrap.blogspot.com/    
 and your next stop : http://kbcustomcreations.blogspot.com/   

Download here : Freebie Yeah Ah


1 août 2012

Sneak peek by Mary Cup of Tea Designs

Mais où est passé le mois de Juillet ?  Vous vous rendez compte, nous sommes déjà au mois d'août  et dans les magasins, ça sent déjà la rentrée des classes !

Avant de penser à la rentrée et à la reprise de nos habitudes , profitons de ce nouveau mois en esperant qu'il sera plus ensoleillé que le précédent lol.

Pour la 4ème fois, je participe au design Challenge kit on Mousescrappers : révélation du kit le vendredi 3 Aout !

Et pour l'occasion, en plus du kit Mousescrapper j'ai créé un kit . . . que j'adore ! Et oui, c'est le mot ! :)

Voici le sneak peek :

Rendez-vous  vendredi pour les 2 nouveaux kits et bien sûr un Freebie !

Enjoy ! et bon scrap :)